The Obelisk

The Obelisk was partially buried and covered with lichens when we began our investigation. Only four large theropod footprints and a few smaller prints were visible.

Bird Tracks (A1)

As we began to clean lichens from the track surface,

we started discovering many bird tracks.

Large Theropod (T4)

The top photo shows two steps of a large theropod, a right foot then a left foot. A third step in the sequence

(right foot) is broken off the main block but mostly intact.




The bottom photo show a closeup of the T4 cast area.

This specimen has an interesting chronology:

The large theropod walked through first, followed by at least one bird which left its tracks in and around the theropod track. After a long interval of burial, the fault cutting across the track most likely occured during the Black Hills uplift around 50 million years ago.

Medium-sized theropod (T3)


Medium-small theropod (T2)


Small theropod or possible hipsolophodontid (T1)


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