The Sandy Site

The Sandy Site

The Sandy site was discovered by Mike Triebold in 1994. So far, it has yielded a remarkable variety of fossils including dinosaurs, lizards, crocs, champsosaurs, turtles, fish and mammals.

This site dates to the middle of the Hell Creek Formation, around 67.5 million years ago.

The predominant dinosaur remains are small theropods, ornithopods, and Pachycephalosaurs. Noteworthy finds include "Sandy", the first post-cranial(45% complete) Pachy skeleton and skull.

Other major discoveries include:

- A new large Trionychid turtle skull.

- A near complete, uncrushed multituberculate mammal skull

- At least 6 new varieties of ornithischian dinosaurs(based on caudal vertebrae)

-Several pterosaur bones

- Many raptorial dinosaur bones of different types and sizes(including some true giants)

Triebold Paleontology is currently engaged in a comprehensive effort to place the fossils from this site into a permanent collection.

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